OnePlus 4 to have QHD Display with Curved Edges

OnePlus 4 :Of all the phone companies that have been making beautiful and good performing smartphones, it is OnePlus who has stuck to the basics for the display technology being used. Even though the type of display is changed and is getting better, the screen resolution from OnePlus One to OnePlus 3 has been the same.

OnePlus 4, or OnePlus Four display is going to be different, finally, as rumors say that the upcoming flagship killer from OnePlus will have a QHD resolution, which is also called as 2K resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels.

OnePlus 4 2K Resolution Display:

OnePlus 4 2K Resolution DisplayOnePlus One had the 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and it was always said by the founders of OnePlus that it is enough for the normal eye to view the content without any problem and having a higher resolution display is just useless and battery draining because the eyes cannot differentiate between the pixels much. But then, each of us knows how good Samsung’s displays are and how sharp they get when a QHD display is used. Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7, and even the Note7 have that resolution and they are considered one of the best displays in the smartphone market.

So, whether it is going to be an LCD display or an AMOLED panel, it will be a 2K display to be seen on the front of the phone, which will make the pixel density quite higher and thus the display will be much sharper.

OnePlus 4 Display Curved Edge:

OnePlus 4 Display Curved Edge

Curved edges on the display is of two types – one of the slight curve, which we call as a 2.5D curve that is seen on the glass for a smooth finish, and another one is used by Samsung to bring about a heavy curve that is very much visible and not just changes the way you hold the phone and feel it, but also changes the functionality of it. The OnePlus 4 is going to come with the dual-edge curved display where we might also see some quick settings panel or shortcut section which will be active even when the main display is turned off.

What is going to be much better is the way you get notifications, call alerts, quick time widget without having to turn on the display and use the battery unnecessarily.


This is one of the major upgrades that we will see from OnePlus in its upcoming phones and that will always be a good thing if the company is adopting itself to newer technologies and not falling back when compared to the competition around. Only OnePlus and Xiaomi flagships don’t have a lot when it comes to display technology and that is soon going to change.

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