Oneplus 4 Release Date, Price, Specifications and Rumours

OnePlus 4 Release Date: Oneplus 3 has just released and it has taken a good position in the market of smartphone even in its high competition price range. This phone very popular in the smartphone market because of its high specifications and features which really have satisfied to all its users as well experts.

If you read the reviews on other sites then you will find mostly positive reviews making you excited to buy this phone. So these are the reasons why Oneplus 3 was a hit phone in the market till date in mid-range. But one Good news for One plus fans that is, that Oneplus 4 is releasing very soon.

OnePlus 4 Release Date, Features, Price:

OnePlus 4 Release Date

So, today I have come with this article where you will get to know about all the rumored features, specifications and release date of the OnePlus 4. Are you ready to know all this thing about this Oneplus4 phone? If you are ready then, I wouldn’t like to time pass here in this paragraph and let’s see brief about Oneplus 4 below. Let’s first start with the release date of the Oneplus 4 phone.

As Oneplus 3 is just released in the second half of 2016 and because it has many high features at a mid-range price, so this phone is now very demanded in the market. So the company has thought to release another phone that is Oneplus 4 in the market again which will even beat Oneplus 3. The expected date to release the next phone that is Oneplus 4 is in the month of May or June of the year 2017.

So this is the expected release date of the next best phone from One Plus Company that is Oneplus 4.

OnePlus4 Specifications:

OnePlus 4 specification is very high, let me tell you in brief:

  1. Oneplus4 is expected to be launched with 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal and it is very much high for any smartphone.
  2. The processor will include next generation Snapdragon 830 which will help your phone get faster even if you have many apps running in the background of your phone.
  3. One plus has promised to give you the best camera phone and that is by giving 23 MP rear camera and the front camera will be the same as the One plus 3.

So this is all the expected specification of Oneplus 4. Yes, it might be extended as it is still a rumor, but I am sure that they will launch one of the best phones in the smartphone market till date that is also in mid-range. Now let’s talk about the rumors of Oneplus 4.

OnePlus 4 Rumours:

OnePlus 4 Rumours

There are many rumors of Oneplus 4 phone like many people are saying that this phone will have 6GB RAM to 8GB RAM variant, but it is not sure. There are many rumors around the world who are really expecting very much high specification in this phone. But what we can only do is that hope for an excellent Oneplus Flagship as there is still time for releasing this phone. Yes, we can hope that they will release again the another good phone. Let’s hope they will make changes in the build quality and make it look premium one.

So, this is all about OnePlus 4 phone rumors, specification and release date of this phone. After reading this article I am sure you have made an idea of this phone in your mind itself. So I hope you have got it all. If you have any suggestion or question, you can ask us directly through comments.

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